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The subject of healing is vast and is deeply connected and intertwined into all aspects of our life experience. We, as human beings, live in a universe of energy and naturally form a constituent part of these energies in ourselves.  Balance can be difficult to sustain from moment to moment and we at Turtle Dragon are here to serve and support as appropriate and as we are able.


We, as a group, act in compassionate service to those seeking healing from the stresses and imbalances of life in these modern times.  We aim to facilitate change and balance to minimize dis-ease and restore vitality and wellness, thereby creating a fertile landscape to heal, grow, and evolve with the least amount of resistance and suffering.  


Our clinic atmosphere is open and welcome to all.  We hold no bias or prejudice - all are welcome, equally and with an open heart.


All treatment plans are  collaborative and are designed with the intention of empowering a subjective sense of wellness and vitality.  Many different tools and techniques are offered through our clinic setting in Austin, Texas, but all have the same goal in mind, to facilitate your health and healing.


To share with you the techniques we have learned and practiced with a combined group experience of more than 80 years.  In transmitting these techniques to you, opportunity arises; the opportunity for change, for peace, for sustainable health and wellness.

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