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Karen Greathouse, L.Ac.

Karen Greathouse was born in Houston, Texas but was raised in Mexico City, Mexico. In 1988 Karen moved to Austin,Texas to attend St. Edward’s University where she received her Bachelor of Arts. Later, she earned her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin: School of Integrative Medicine. During her last two years in acupuncture school, she did an internship with Dr. Allen Cline and Dr. Peirong Wu, a master herbalist from Beijing. She wanted to learn more about pulse diagnosis, clinical acupuncture strategies and approaches for writing effective herbal formulas.


Her post-graduate work focused on Japanese acupuncture styles. She attended a six month program and internship to study Dr. Yoshio Manaka’s techniques with Junko Ida and Stephen Birch in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Following her interest in Japanese acupuncture, Karen also completed an eight month program in Hari style meridian acupuncture with Koei Kuwahara from Boston, Massachusetts. To deepen her understanding in classical Chinese medicine, she recently completed a diplomate program developed by Doctor Arnaud Versluys. The program is a deep dive into the study of two of the most important classic Chinese herbal medicine volumes. These manuscripts were written in China during the Han dynasty and remain at the core of pattern based medicine today.


Karen taught and supervised student clinics at AOMA from 2000 to 2010. She has been in private practice promoting health and wellbeing for over 20 years. The focus of Karen’s practice is to provide natural medicine for the whole family. She is committed to providing comprehensive, safe and effective treatments. Her technique and style are gentle, allowing patients to relax deeply during treatments. Her love for all medicine and a deep respect for both allopathic and holistic medicine allows her to bridge the gap between modern medicine and alternative natural treatment protocols. She enjoys working with doctors and other health professionals to provide truly comprehensive healthcare. Her goal is to help patients enjoy better health and long lasting results.

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