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Chinese Herbal Medicine


China has a long and ancient history exploring its indigenous substances for their healing and medicinal properties. Shen Nong, one of China’s three most ancient yellow emperors, known as the Divine Farmer or Divine Healer, was said to have lived 5,000 years ago. He was credited with writing the “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing," an herbal pharmacopoeia which classified 365 medicinal ingredients, hundreds of which he personally tasted, classified and graded for their effects.

Since that time, China has gathered its medicinal ingredients from plants, animals and minerals of the earth. Today, Chinese herbal medicine draws from a pharmacopoeia of over several thousand substances many of which have been researched thoroughly in relation to their clinical uses, pharmacology and interactions. 

Unlike western herbal therapy which is more single herb based, Chinese herbal medicine usually combines medicinal ingredients in formulations to balance and facilitate healing from a particularly individualized perspective aiming effect at patterns of imbalance more than disease. This is considered treating both the “root and branch” of a problem. That is to say the symptom and what Chinese medicine considers to be the cause of the disorder are treated in most cases simultaneously. 


Chinese herbal medicine is often free of side effects and beneficial at any stage of almost any problem. It can be used as the primary therapy for many disorders or in conjunction with acupuncture and other tools and therapies.


Chinese herbal medicine can be administered in a variety of forms and ways.  Some preparation methods include:  water decoction, powder extract concentrates, tinctures, pills or patent formulations, oils, linaments, sprays and pastes.  


We at Turtle Dragon are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of quality in our products and services . We are proud to offer you one of the most comprehensive herbal apothecaries in central Texas to meet your needs. The use of herbal medicine drastically enhances your treatment effect and broadens the potential treatment benefit for your provider.

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