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You are what you eat...

Dietetics in Chinese medicine is based on the principles of flavors, associated organ systems and their respective thermal properties. When we assess a diet for someone, we take into consideration not only any disease process but also what patterns are behind the issues at hand. Foods that are "cooling" or "warming" are just the beginning of the picture. The five flavors as described in Classical Chinese medical texts such as the Yellow Emperors Internal Classic are associated to a series of energetic interactions that the body derives on top of nutrition. Taste receptors are found in many places In the body besides the tongue including the gastrointestinal tract as well as the heart and lungs. This may begin to elucidate how the five flavors create multiple interactions in the body.

Essentially Chinese medicine instructs us to live according to the season. This is relevant in dietetics to eating according to the season, fresh local foods that are produced in a particular season, but also thermal quality appropriate foods for the season. Examples include the drinking of Chrysanthemum tea in Spring or eating Watermelon in summer. Also how to regulate daily cycles of diet are considered and individualized for every person when considering Chinese dietetics.

Food sensitivity, food assimilability and food properties are combined such as to facilitate supporting the gut biome, the gut brain and brain axis and then strengthening all systems in the body accordingly. By harnessing an appropriate diet many disorders are remedied, many are prevented and life experience is improved.

Eat well and be well.

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