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Turtle Dragon Health Services

Turtle Dragon was established in 1994 with the intention of bringing to Austin the many benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and culture. Based upon timeless principles of balance and harmony, we provide an alternative and complementary perspective on health, wellness, longevity, and sustainable self-care techniques. 

Our perspective is entirely holistic and is ultimately prevention based.  We provide consultations in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition and dietetics...

We, as a group, act in compassionate service to those seeking balance and wellness for life in these modern times.  We aim to help resolve the imbalances that can produce dis-ease and lack of vitality..


All treatment plans are inherently collaborative and are designed with the intention of empowering a subjective sense of wellness and vitality...



Many different tools and techniques are offered through our clinic setting in Austin, Texas, but all have the same goal in mind, to unlock and remove any and all obstructions that limit access to our innate potential.

Our Providers

With over 80 years combined experience, our providers utilize a vast array of healing and wellness techniques and perspectives to assist in your wellness goals.

Allen Cline DAOM, L.Ac. began his studies of integrative medicine in 1982. He graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 1985 and is our founder and senior acupuncturist.

Preventative Medicine

Fall 2023 Wellness Tip

The beautiful harvest season is almost finally here! It is officially time to hit up the local farmer's markets and load up on some hearty squashes, pumpkins, root veggies, leafy greens and local animal proteins; add some nutritive, nourishing grains into your dishes and break out the scarves and warmer clothes.

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