James Phillips, DAOM, L.Ac.

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It might be interesting for us to measure 'Health & Wellness' in terms of something we often translate as 'Energy.'  What is energy?  How would we respond to an inquiry such as "How is our energy level?'  If our energy levels are low, how might we cultivate greater energy?  If we have sufficient energy, how might we improve its quality or asked in a different way, how might we increase its rate of vibration thus enhancing our perceptual awareness?

Isn't our life experience in direct relation to our energy level?  Doesn't our energy level empower the potential of our perceptual awareness?  Isn't our awareness that which governs our life perspective which then directs the means and ways behind all of our interactions in the greater environment.

From this perspective we can see many ways to influence and cultivate increased states of health, wellness, and vitality.  The tools used in Chinese Medicine (needles, cups, plants, exercises, nutrition, meditation, etc.) provide several avenues upon which we can collaborate.  Some of the tools can directly influence physiological states, changing the way our 'bodies' work and function, encouraging homeostasis, engaging innate intelligence to balance and optimize.  Other tools work on aspects of awareness, encourage and develop our ability to concentrate, which then enhance perspective and enliven the spirit.

This is the work we do.  It is done together.  It requires some focus, attention, and commitment.  It will very likely require change.  I am ready if you are.    

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